For 39 years, the Broward County Fair has strived to increase awareness of Broward County’s agricultural roots and vast agribusiness industries, while encouraging a higher level of learning through educational exhibits, scholarship programs and prize monies. The Fair presents the finest program of family entertainment to the Broward County community and enhances community spirit through the support of local charities and organizations.

The Broward County Youth Fair, Inc. was chartered in 1976 by the Florida Department of Agriculture, Chapter 616 of the Florida Statutes.

The Broward County Fair has provided the community with a first-rate family entertainment venue. The Fair is also instrumental in assisting in Broward’s education process. It is at the Fair where Broward school children can showcase their academic efforts and talents.

Fair premium books will be available to everyone online.  This will afford teachers access to creative classroom programming and FCAT projects through the various Fair departments, and give interested students time to plan and prepare Fair projects.

The Fair also contributes to other area not-for-profit organizations through cash contributions, information dissemination opportunities and volunteer help. The Fair’s presence has always been felt as an integral part of the community. In prior years, organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, the Museum of Science and Discovery, Broward Mental Health Association, Crime Watch, Police Youth Explorers, UM/JM Burn Center, Broward Sheriff’s Association and the Shriners have all received onsite visibility and monetary assistance from the Fair.

The Broward County Fair follows the tradition of all fairs. Fairs are as much a part of American life as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie. They have withstood the test of time and continue to impact modern America. Annually, the top 59 US fairs draw crowds of more than 44 million people, an attendance that rivals all Major League Baseball games combined.

Originally planned as annual arenas of competition for farmers, fairs today still carry on this tradition. The county fair features the work of local youths involved in agriculture and horticulture endeavors. In Broward, the number of these students has dwindled in recent years. This makes the Fair even more important. It is essential to keep the farming tradition alive. It is the only opportunity for our urbanized youth to catch a glimpse of this lifestyle. All children should be made aware that “Milk doesn’t come from Publix.

Although traditional agriculture is diminishing in Broward County, agribusiness industries – which include ornamental trees, pest control and golf course maintenance – are the No. 1 or No. 2 income producer for the county annually. Showcasing the agriculture of the South Florida region is an important part of the Broward County Fair’s mission.

The Fair is all this and so much more. The Broward County Fair is a time-honored tradition and an annually anticipated sign of fall. It is a vehicle for providing quality family time. It is the special place where long-lasting, happy family memories are created.